How to Get the Most Out of Your 1300 Number

1300 numbers are an amazing tool for 1300 Numbers   businesses in Australia. Not only are they free phone calls from landlines for your customers but they give you amazing flexibility to grow your business. To make your 1300 number truly work for your business it should spell out a word that is associated with your business such as your brand name of the key products you sell. These are called phone words, or vanity numbers if you are from the USA. In this article I will go through the major benefits of 1300 numbers and why you should get one for your business.

Some of the major benefits of 1300 numbers over traditional landlines are that they are mobile and can easily move with your business. They can also easily manage call routing so they are great for mobile businesses and businesses with fleets. 1300 numbers are not cost prohibitive like 13 numbers with low monthly fees and low calls costs depending on your supplier.

How to choose the right 1300 number

There are many ways to choose a 1300 number. You could just take the number that is offered by the carrier, or you could take the next step, which was very popular in the early 90’s and get a 1300 number with repeated digits which is easier to remember such as 1300 13 13 13. This is all well and good when you are listening to the jingle, but when you really need to recall the number it is still very difficult.

The next step is to get the number which spell out your brand on an alpha numeric keypad such as 1300 AUSTRALIA. This is great for your existing customers and customers familiar with your brand, but it is not great at attracting new customers.

The best type of phone word to get for your 1300 number is a generic industry term such as 1300 GUTTER. 1300 GUTTER have had great success with their phone word because when people think about the leaves in their gutter they immediately think about 1300 GUTTER.